Your $5 donation to ArtWorks Foundation includes 

the chance to win dozens of door prizes;  as well as enjoy complimentary coffee, soft drinks and other surprise lagniappes, not mention admission to our cool collection of finely crafted jewelry, apparel & accessories, by supremely talents artists from across the U.S. 

art2wear offers jewelry, apparel & accessories that are timeless & unique.

You won't see anyone else at the party wearing what you'll find at art2wear, and you'll want to wear it for years, and years to come!                     

art2wear offers an exciting way to spend your day.

Myriad prize drawings and lots of surprise lagniappes complement & enhance your art2wear shopping experience.                       

art2wear offers incredible
works of wearable art,

skillfully designed and executed by top artists, and presented by the people who actually made it in a relaxed 

in-door setting.                      

Show Scenes

art2wear unites fine-craft and fashion to create a truly singular shopping experience!                        

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art2wear is presented by ArtWorks Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to helping artists grow in their business and their work through programs including  exhibitions and education initiatives. Thanks to your contributions we are building toward awarding scholarships for advanced study, and establishing an endowment to fund Emergency Relief Grants. 
‚Äčart2wear is registered trademark of Artworks Foundation.                   
Annie Turbin (r),  fiber artist & Sandra Matasick (l), jeweler 

Sami Lott

a designing woman from Jackson MS

2015 news interview in Nashville promoting art2wear Franklin/Nashville 

news clip from art2wear 2013 Germantown/Memphis

an expo of wearable art

Pam English of Borelli Bags